2. What we do

360º Consultancy for cultural and entertainment venues helping them offer an accessible experience for disabled and Deaf audiences.

We will be with our clients while implementing every step of this change, removing physical, social and intellectual barriers. We assume that it is a collaborative process between our team and that of the venues (publicly or privately managed). It is on the strength of this union that we transform the society in which we live, making it more inclusive.

We offer a 360º vision of inclusion for all our partners: show and event promoters; public and private cultural facilities managers.

We transform experiences:

Communication and Marketing


Transportation and parking

Accessible routes

Accessible WC

Staff reception

Programming: Portuguese Sign Language, Audio Description

Services: restaurants, coat check, merchandising

Access Lab 360º Plans

Drafting and execution of audience experience transformation plans.

Diagnostic actions

Training plans

Ticketing policies

Accessible routes

Audience mediation and accessible programming resources


Impact assessment

Picture: Gideon Feldman

Audience Mediation

Proximity work, contact and dialogue with Deaf and disabled people and the associations that represent them. Through accessible programming proposals, we create and maintain audiences at accessible events.

Direct contact with people and associations

Creation of protocols/partnerships

Impact assessment

Picture: Estelle Valente

Access Lab Academy

We create training plans in key areas that are key to develop the team’s skills in the areas of accessibility and inclusion.

Designed according to the realities faced by the trainees

We use international case studies

We bring together national and international specialists to conduct the sessions

Picture: Estelle Valente

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Pedro Berga

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